York tech firm initiates online platform for e-learning purposes

Coronavirus has helped young tech entrepreneurs to come with creative ideas. A York tech firm has decided to help students to study remotely.

SpeedQuizzing platform launched to aid online education

There are innovations to encourage remote learning among students. A York-based tech firm “SpeedQuizzing” has launched a virtual version of a quiz system to promote online learning.


This online platform is aimed at teachers and pupils and it has both classroom-based and e-learning features around the UK. This SpeedQuizzing site offers free avenues to other educational sites that teachers can use for their quizzes and learning functions. Smart devices now run application-based learning.


The founders, Alan leach and John leech have in their employment 15 staff who work around the clock to manage and keep the site updated. There is a section in the platform where students can download free speed apps, on Google store, amazon, and Apple store.

How this education application can be utilized

It is easy to learn to use this app, a parent or student just needs to download the app on their mobile devices, tablets and input their password. The application can accommodate up to 45 students to participate in the quiz at once.


For students who want video interaction, they can use Zoom which is integrated for easy interaction. SchoolQuizzing allows several game formats and accommodates students of diverse ages and abilities. Using a state-of-the-art algorithm, instructors can determine the topics they want a student to learn.


This topic can be integrated into a game format to make it engaging and educating. There are multiple-choice questions that give hints with pictures or half-answers. It is also possible to customize the quiz with time limits, reward systems, and extra points for students who can answer quickly.


Although this tech app is in beta mode, it promises to give educators and students who want to learn remotely and effectively.


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