Tips for good marketing in China

Marketing in China is complex because the government is omnipresent in all areas. But China is also a country representing more than a billion inhabitants and therefore a huge number of consumers. This is why brands and companies have every interest in establishing themselves in the territory of the Asian superpower. But for that, they have to embrace their marketing. In this article, we are going to present you some tips in order to have the best success in marketing a brand in China.

Be aware of the importance of the Chinese calendar in marketing campaigns

The Chinese calendar is one of the pillars of Chinese culture and knowing it is a considerable asset for companies wishing to establish themselves in China. If you pop over to this site, you will understand more about the importance of marketing for the Chinese market. 

But you should also keep in mind that some dates in the Chinese calendar are very important to the Chinese people. When it comes to organizing events in China, for example, the choice of dates is essential. In China, Valentine's Day is not celebrated on February 14 as in the world, but on May 20. 

Indeed, the pronunciation of these numbers is similar to that of the sentence I love you in Chinese. Thus, for all commercial and marketing operations that revolve around love, it is recommended to look into this period. Mind you, it's also about standing out as a lot of brands and companies also choose Valentine's Day when their marketing revolves around love.

Always keep informed about new marketing trends in China

It is essential for brands to be in contact with their target. Social networks are a phenomenon in China, they claim several million users, and more particularly Sina Weibo. It is now considered the primary source of information in China, ahead of the traditional media. 

It is therefore important for brands to know how to use it in order to obtain optimal visibility and interactivity. The mistake not to make is to think that the way of doing marketing in China must be the same as in your country. Content must be thought of in different ways, whether it be videos, product placements, partnerships, programs, events, new collections.