Son of Brooklyn Judge nabbed by FBI for participating in Capitol riot

The security agencies have been on the lookout for those involved in the DC riots. A man whose image appeared on social media, attacking the Capitol has been arrested.

Man, 33 arrested for Capital invasion

Aaron Mostofsky, 33, was arrested on Tuesday morning for being part of the protest which rocked the Capitol two weeks ago. He is the son of Shlomi Mostofsky who is the judge in King’s country court. His elder brother Nachman is also a top Republican Party member in the city. According to media reports,


Aaron who was dressed in white furs during the arrest will be remanded and asked to appear in the Brooklyn Court later. He is charged with a felony, stealing government properties, and illegal entrance into the Capitol. If found guilty, he could spend up to 10–14 years in jail.


There have been many images of Aaron wearing an elegant outfit and carrying police shied during the riots. During the election, Aaron talked to the press saying, he believed that the election was rigged in favor of Mr. Biden, and he was expressing his displeasure with the protest.

FBI to prosecute Mostofsky after tailing him since 2017

The Federal authorities said Mostofsky has been on his watch list since 2017 because he has always used his social media to protest against any republican election. They have promised to prosecute him as soon as possible.


Two weeks ago, thousands of President Trump supporters ignited a protest that leads to the death of 5 people and several others needing medical attention. Their grievances were that they believed that Mr. Trump was rigged out by the Republicans. With the inauguration of Mr. Joe Biden on the 20th of January, it is hoped that the healing process will be complete in this tense atmosphere.


Thousands of security agents have already been posted to strategic places around DC and America to forestall any security breach.