Italy’s Prime Minister to face important senate vote to keep avoid removal

The prime minister of Italy is battling to save his seat after talks with coalition collapse. Votes from senators will decide if he gets to keep his role or will be removed.

Senate to decide Italy Prime Minister fate

The prime minister of Italy will this week face a Herculean task to convince the Senate that he is the best man for the job. Mr. Conte is with a small majority in j the senate as other small factions from Mr. Renzi’s party has already pulled out of any cooperation with the government.


Mr. Conte, who is a legal expert, has championed a centrist coalition since 2017. He pleaded with the senate that it was crucial to keep the political stability that has faced Italy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Senate votes, as a result, will be announced on Wednesday morning and if Mr. Conte is victorious, even with a slight majority, he will still be at the helms of power.

Reprieve for Mr. Conte as Viva Senators abstain

Italian Viva senators are planning to excuse themselves from such a vote, which increases Mr. Conte’s chances of winning. His supporters in the coalition are anti-establishment Five Star and the Democratic Party. In a statement at the senate arena, Mr. Arena, a known Conte critic, told the Prime Minister to make critical changes and reforms.


He claims Mr. Conte has always shared government positions with his cronies. If the prime minister fails at the election, a snap election may not take place if President Sergio Mattarela invites them to a new coalition.


Mr. Renzi’s objection to Mr. Conte’s plan was because the Prime Minister chose to spend about €210 on a Europe recovery fund on the COVID-19 crises. The ex-prime minister believes the funds could have been used to develop the economy, and they should have invested in technology and green energy.

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