Instruments : Here's everything you need to know about handpan prices

There are many musical instruments in the world. Few of them are easily affordable. The handpan is one of the instruments that can be easily found at affordable prices. In this article we will discuss the making and price of the handpan.

The price of a handpan

It must be admitted that the price of the handpan varies every year according to supply and demand. The price of a handpan is between 800 and 3500€. Some people ask why the price is so high. Well, the price depends on the material used, the manufacturing method and the quality. For beginners who think that the price is already too high, the 9-note handpan is ideal for you. These are less expensive and are very practical for learning to play better. Don't hesitate to buy a handpan considering the price that suits you best. Apart from the 9-note handpans, there are 10 and even 17-note handpans, which are of course more expensive. These handpans are exclusively for experts who can play the instrument. The handpans are handmade and take several weeks to be perfected. This probably explains the somewhat expensive price. According to the handpan manufacturers, it takes two to three months to finish a handpan. Indeed, the development of a handpan involves several steps that should not be taken lightly. We have the forming of the shells, nitriding, pressing of the notes, application of various heat treatments and finally the gluing of the shells.

The purchase site

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