How to prepare for a move

You have just found a new flat that is much more comfortable than the one you are in. But you are discouraged just thinking about the move that awaits you. Did you know that it's all about organisation and preparation? In this article you will find tips on how to move easily.

From the fourth to the third week before the move
From one month before the day of the move, you should decide whether you want to move on your own or hire a mover, based on the selection criteria. You should take out additional insurance to help you. For more information, click on this link
Make sure you have a file for the moving documents. For the inventory and evaluation, get quotes from at least three different removal companies. Make a comprehensive list of service providers who need to know your new address. For your children, notify the management of your need for a discharge certificate and the transfer of their files.
Start sorting out your clothes. Those you no longer use should be put aside for donation or put in the attic. Buy moving supplies: boxes, labels, tape, etc. Tell your friends and relatives and start emptying the fridge bit by bit.

The second to first week before the move

You will have already collected your valuables. Everything should be noted down and even photographed. At this stage, you will already have made progress in packing. Make sure that all the plans of the past weeks are carried out and taken into account. Hire a truck or confirm with your mover.

Make sure all appliances have been cleaned and unplugged. Make sure that tablets and prescriptions are well packed. Always leave a margin for the unexpected. So, have enough money on you to be able to deal with any eventuality.
With a week to go before you move, switch off all power supplies. And the new flat must be connected to the power supply even after you have moved in. You should agree with your mover on the day and time of the move. You can ask for the whole flat to be cleaned after your departure.