What are the advantages of KoDDoS?

Computer professionals are constantly complaining about the countless dangers that persist on the net. With this in mind, professionals in the field have put in place a number of devices to effectively combat web attacks. KoDDoS is included in this and represents an unstoppable shield for experts in the IT field.

General about KoDDoS

The company that created the web hosting company KoDDoS Protection is born in 2009 with the aim of offering its customers a wide range of services related to dedicated hosting. Its general base is in Hong Kong where dedicated employees use the mitigation system to identify and find appropriate solutions to DDoS attacks. To make the protection more invincible, the provider KoDDos had the brilliant idea of distributing its network of servers in data centers in countries like the United States, the Netherlands, Canada and the United Kingdom. In addition, KoDDos has surplus of a technical support team operational 7/24h.

What are the features of KoDDoS?

The company specialized in providing web hosting KoDDoS has not gained its great reputation only because of the protection it offers. Its additional services of dedicated server, shared hosting and especially the protection of the computer server against attacks related to shared denial of service. In addition to these various features, it also provides foolproof protection against web attacks. However, the importance of the incredible hosting company KoDDos lies in the fact that it offers outstanding security to these prospects. Its range of packages in terms of hosting cannot be customized, which can make it difficult for hackers trying to break into your database. It is therefore up to you to choose the right hosting package from the lot of offshore type packages or those of medium or high risk. Note that the latter usually start with a maximum filtering of all attacks of 10 GB or 10 GBPS of storage space and 50 GB of bit rate of a communication channel. Of course, the range has a really high package which is estimated at 120 GBPS. The said packages will come with FTP accounts, an infinite amount of MySQL databases and emails. These packages will serve to make it easy for you to choose a server location in the Netherlands, Hong Kong or USA. That's not all. You may additionally get a fully digital address of the computers linked together by IP addressing.

KoDDoS pricing

In terms of cost, KoDDoS doesn't mess around. In fact, this web host is the most expensive in the lot of entry-level packages. However, it has always been able to live up to its value since its inception. In other words, although the prices are so high, you will certainly not be disappointed. Because, the team of this famous Chinese company expert in the world of information always answers present when the need is felt by the customers. With its advanced arsenal, you can more easily eliminate all the attacks you will face. It is important to know that KoDDos does not offer any packages without getting paid back. Money back guarantee is also excluded with the said company. The reason lies in the quality of KoDDoS services. Nevertheless, its package for fighting all distributed denial of service attacks is subject to a seven-day guarantee.

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