The Health system in Portugal struggles with high cases of COVID-19

With the surge in cases of COVID-19 across Europe, it doesn’t come as a surprise that health systems are collapsing. Portugal’s health system is feeling the weight of the increase in COVID-19 cases.

Hospitals in Portugal are overwhelmed

Portugal’s health system is on the edge of collapse as hospitals find it difficult to cater for the surge in COVID-19 cases. Public health “services are finding it hard to give patients care beds and drugs are running out.


“ We are under a lot of stress from patients from all parts of Lisbon and inner towns ” Health Minister Marta Temido laments on Monday morning after visiting several clinics around the country.


The Minister said they are getting close to their limit. Portugal’s health system, which is one of the best in Europe, is witnessing trying times. Most public hospitals in Portugal usually accommodate 689 core patients in ICUs.


However, according to health sources, the number of patients in critical care units in most hospitals is up to 65 according to medical officials. 

COVID-19 fatality cases surge in Portugal

Portugal with a modest population of 11 m has reported about 11,000 new infections and 150 deaths on Monday. This brings the total figures of coronavirus cases to 550,000 and the fatalities to 8,986. Research by Oxford University, the country has the highest COVID-19 cases in Europe pee population in the last one week.


Lisbon has witnessed the Largest figures of new cases in Portugal, as many patients have already been moved to other public-health centers in other states.


Porto, which is the other big state, has witnessed more transfers in two weeks. “ We are already overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, and our capacity is stretched ” Daniel Ferro, a Health director said. Officials hoped that vaccines ordered would be delivered soon to combat infection rates.